Energy Management Expert

UNI CEI 11339 certification

UNI CEI 11339 certification attests to the requirements for obtaining the professional qualification of an energy management expert (“EME”): a figure that “has the knowledge, experience and ability in the most efficient ways to handle the use of energy”.
This certification is indispensable for those who work in the energy management sector, which specifically requires their qualified operators certified by third-party companies.

Regulatory Focus

The recent Italian Legislative Decree No. 102/2014 (known as the Energy Decree) has brought about a series of new obligations for businesses and professionals working in the energy sector. In order to carry out the energetic diagnosis one has to turn to one of these three figures:

From January 2015, the new qualification parameters of UNI CEI 11339 have come into force, and since August 2016 any certificates prior to the Energy Decree are no longer be considered valid.

Certification Procedure

The certificate will be issued after the successful completion of an exam consisting of:

The examination methods are strictly defined in the Energy Decree and in subsequent standards of reference.

The certification lasts five years. The number of applications and case studies is different depending on the certification request:


For staff certification, RINA operates under ACCREDIA accreditation according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024.
We guarantee a widespread presence throughout Italy, with structures configured for conducting test examinations, and qualified technicians for the training and evaluation of candidates.
Our long-standing experience in staff certification, coupled with constant collaboration with energy operators, makes RINA a valuable partner in this field.


Who can apply for certification?
Subjects who can apply for certification are in possession of specific requirements as per sectoral standards, relating to the training course and the work experience in the sector for which they are certified (civil and/or industrial).

Is there a single certification?

The certification is single from the point of view of the requirements, but in the application for certification you must specify, based on your work experience, in which sector (civil/industrial) you want to proceed. You can either certify for both at the same time or integrate the second sector at a later time.


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