Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Everyday, we endeavor to create a work environment where every single person feels respected and where their identity is valued.

We promote a culture where people are encouraged to develop new ideas, we care about empowering people, by respecting and embracing what makes them different. This means celebrating our differences and placing a positive value on diversity in the workplace. 
We do not tolerate any type of discrimination and promote equity of opportunity at every stage of employment, from the talent acquisition process and the assignment of roles, from performance appraisal and career advancement to fair remuneration. 

We are an international, digitally connected and multi-cultural company, where diversity, equity and inclusion are key drivers to employee engagement, productivity, innovation and growth. It is evident in all our business activity and in the way we collaborate with each other, customers and partners.

We have updated our Diversity & Inclusion Policy to integrate the requirements of the Italian guideline Uni PdR 125:2022 on gender equality management system. In order to operate as certification body recognized by ACCREDIA for the gender equality sector, RINA itself must demonstrate its commitment to gender equality. 

What Diversity, Equity and Inclusion means for us 

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is a topic we really care about and we have set ourselves the following goals:

In 2022, 32% of RINA employees are women and 26% of our managers are women!

Women in STEM

One of our main goals is to increase the number of female colleagues in STEM 

Inclusion for all 

In 2023 we renewed our membership with the ‘Valore D’ association, which we joined in 2020. Valore D is the first association of companies in Italy that promotes gender balance and an inclusive culture within organizations. It has more than 320 member companies jointly comprising more than 2 million employees. The aim is to build a professional world free from discrimination. As members of Valore D, we have the opportunity to participate in training and development courses on D&I topics, intercompany mentorship programmes, human resources workshops and web talks. 


A fair career path

We demonstrate our commitment to fair career progression at RINA with a transparent framework “myCareer”, which demonstrates the possibilities and what is required to achieve it. 

We have a competency approach to performance. This  way of evaluating people allows to us to become very aware of our professional behaviours and how much of an impact they have on the delivery of high class performance.


Against harassment

In conjunction with initiatives to promote a culture based on the protection of dignity of individuals, in May 2021 we launched the #IRespect campaign. A way to spread a clear message far and wide. 

A lot of our people have joined it, declaring 'zero tolerance' for any form of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Here are some of them standing up for the respect for the dignity of every person. 

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RINA took part in Target Gender Equality

RINA took part in Target Gender Equality

A long-lasting commitment to value diversity in the work environment

RINA attained the Gender Equality Certification

RINA attained the Gender Equality Certification

A continuous commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion