Sustainability Report -

Sustainability Report 2022

13 Jun 2023

We reaffirm our commitment to carbon neutrality: download our report to learn more

The year 2022 was once again a year of change: on the one hand, the pandemic was overcome and we returned to our previous habits, albeit readjusted, while on the other, the tragic conflict in Ukraine accelerated numerous processes related to energy supplies and the ecological transition.

The pandemic left our company with numerous lessons learnt. The remote working method was consolidated and combined with the possibility to work in the office, which is no longer just a workspace but also a place for meeting, exchanging and sharing with other colleagues.

RINA has kept pace with the major changes taking place in the market and worldwide. We have grown in terms of both turnover and revenues and have also improved the quality of people’s work lives, always bearing in mind the importance of a work-life balance.

Our work has acquired additional value thanks to the publication of the Stakeholder Engagement Policy, which explains how we plan to involve stakeholders in our long-term development path. 

RINA constantly self-analyses on green issues and openly communicates on sustainability performance to maintain a high level of authority and credibility in proposing solutions to clients and the community. 

We also continue to be pioneers in the field of digitalisation, another essential stream for those doing business today. The continuous implementation of cutting-edge information systems is crucial to 
our growth. We are evolving in terms of technology and awareness; this has made us more resistant to cyberattacks, allowing us to operate securely and ensuring the continuity of our business.

RINA’s strategic plan is based on sustainability and ESG topics: one of our priorities was to comply with the new sustainability reporting standards, which we have voluntarily adopted in this further refined edition.

In addition to reaffirming its commitment to carbon neutrality in 2023, RINA has strengthened its commitment to climate change by committing to the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), which has the ambitious aim of reducing emissions further to the Paris Agreement and achieving zero net emissions by 2050. Moreover, we continue to contribute in the area of decarbonisation, bearing in mind that the energy transition process will present distinct social, ecological, and supply-related challenges. We recognise that only by pooling the skills, knowledge and technologies of the entire 
energy ecosystem will we be able to achieve the ambitious sustainability goals essential to ensuring a liveable planet for future generations.