Offshore Wind services

Engineering solutions in the lifecycle of any offshore wind project, from feasibility and development, to construction, and throughout long-term operation

Energy transition is accelerating. Fossil fuels still account for nearly two-thirds of electricity generation, but decarbonization is an inevitable process and the new technologies behind renewable energy sources are pushing all in the same direction.

New offshore wind projects have capacity factors of 40-50%, as larger turbines and innovative solutions are helping to make most of wind resources available. Offshore wind is on track to be a competitive source of electricity as well, and supportive policy frameworks are now enabling projects to secure low-cost financing, especially in Europe.

RINA Offshore & Wind solutions

wind turbines

Within this promising outlook, RINA has extensive experience throughout the lifecycle phases of any offshore wind project, from feasibility and development, to construction and long-term operation, up to its final decommissioning.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Leveraging on our strengths:

We support owners, developers and operators, lenders and investors, cables’ and turbines’ manufacturers, designers, marine and foundation contractors with the final goal of making our advisory expertise to help offshore wind projects increase performance.

We also provide third party certification services as Independent Verifier.


RINA value proposition is based upon the following steps:

- Technical due diligence studies​

- Cost to benefit analysis​

- Independent wind yield analysis

- ​Wind data processing​

- Wind yield assessment​

- Computational flow modelling​

- Site conditions​

- Operational performance analysis​

- Wind yield re-forecast​

- Performance optimization.

- Site characterization engineering​

- Offshore surveys​

- Nearshore surveys​

- Metocean studies​

- Cable services (surveys, routing studies, engineering, procurement support).

- Geotechnical Lab​

- Mechanical & creep testing Lab​

- Corrosion Lab​

- Metallography Lab​

- Cable testing​

- Advanced testing – lab to full scale​.

- Biodiversity baselines and studies​

- Marine mammal observer and passive acoustic monitoring​​

- Birds and bats: baseline and impact assessment​​

- Cultural heritage, archeological sites, wrecks​​

- Pollutants and sediments dispersion numerical modeling​​

- Noise modeling​​

- Underwater noise modeling​​

- Landscape: inter-visibility and photo-simulations​​

- Permitting process support​.

Maritime infrastructure engineering​

Thanks to our multidisciplinary capabilities and to our experience both in the maritime and offshore industries, we are able to provide the general concept, feasibility and FEED design of ports, berths, fabrication yards, break-waters, etc., regardless of its type, complexity or location.​

Sea transport logistics​

We study goods and commodity supply chains providing high quality advice, innovative ideas, efficient state-of-the-art technologies and dynamically model the real world performing process simulations to achieve effectiveness, efficiency and optimization.

- Material selection & qualification​

- Floating wind turbine system global analysis​

- Floating wind turbine system structural analysis​

- Cable installation engineering​

- Cable in-place engineering​

- Cable design consultancy​.

- Inter-array cable optimization & 2K compliance​

- Load flow and voltage regulation studies​

- Short circuit studies / electrical losses​

- Power quality studies​

- Stability studies​

- Transient studies (energisation, ferro-resonance, lightning etc.)​

- Design and settings for wind farm protection​

- Earthing & lightning protection design​

- Sub-station design.

- Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Studies​

- Integrity Critical Elements (ICEs) ​

- Major Accident Hazards’ Identification Criteria​

- Bow-Tie Analysis​

- Performance Standard Development​

- Maintenance of Safety Critical Elements (SECE)​.

- Vendor inspection and expediting services​

- Vendor qualification services​

- Pre-shipment inspection services​

- Product certification services (EN 10204 3.2 Certification).

- Project Management Consulting (PMC)​

- QA/QC at site​

- Site construction supervision​

- Commissioning and start-up supervision.

- Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) / Marine operations​

- Condition & suitability surveys, On-Hire/Off-Hire Inspections on marine spread​

- Approval-in-Principle, Technology Qualification for novel marine technologies​

- Condition Assessment Program (CAP) survey for marine spread​

- Classification/Statutory Certification of marine spread units​.

Third-party certification services​ to ensure the compliance with applicable requirements from:​

- Reference codes and standards​

- Local regulation​

- Project technical specifications​.

We are currently in the process of getting accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17065 to eventually provide certification services for offshore wind farms as per IECRE OD 502 Certification Scheme.​

- Asset register and hierarchy build​

- RAM​

- Maintainability & Accessibility​

- FMECA methodology​

- Reliability centered maintenance​

- Failure Classification Number (FCn)​

- Failure Characteristic Analysis (FCA)​

- Maintenance strategy selection​

- Maintenance plan​

- Lubrication plan​

- Computerized Maintenance and Material Management System (CMMS) implementation​

- Spare parts & warehousing​.

- Fitness-For-Service (FFS)​

- Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)

- Failure and root cause analysis​

- Material corrosion assessment​

- Remaining life assessment​

- Life extension studies​.

- Condition Based Monitoring on wind farm​

- Condition Based Monitoring on equipment​

- Structural Health Monitoring solutions​

- Meteo-marine Monitoring systems.

- Remote inspections (smart helmets, smart-phone apps, etc.)​

- Blades & Towers - Drone Inspections​

- Blade Damage Indicator​

- Engineering software & tools.