Materials and product development & process innovation

The innovation process consists in development of new products, optimization of existing ones and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies

In today’s global market, innovation is the key factor for competitiveness. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we can support you during the entire innovation process, from concept to industrial application.

RINA supports organisations in developing new products, in optimizing the production process of existing ones and in improving quality by providing Industry 4.0 technologies with highly interconnected plant automation systems.

To improve the environmental impact of processes, we provide environmental solutions for waste and water treatment and emission reduction.


Solutions for the steel manufacturing cycle are developed for a future where energy and resource savings, low CO2 emissions, tailor made performance steels and advanced control and monitoring devices for safer workplaces and processes contribute to a real sustainable life.

Our Quality Mill Approach is to finalise alloy design and relevant processes in order to obtain target microstructure rather than directly the target mechanical properties. This approach requires suitable know-how in terms of metallurgical model tools that allow to quantitatively predicting microstructure evolution as a function of key process parameters as well as final mechanical properties as a function of relevant microstructural features.

Our offering is organised “through process” in suites, each one collecting all available technical assistance, modelling tools, automation, labs and pilot plants, from product development backward to raw materials selection.


With over 20 state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot plants, we are able to reproduce complete industrial cycles and our experts can implement innovative solutions directly in your plants. For that reason, over the last decades, major market leaders have chosen us as strategic partner for their competitiveness.

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