Our values

Our values are the reflection of who we are, the mirror of our actions, the image that guides and inspires us. They are what we see when we look at ourselves.

Values are the principles that drive our actions and inspire our decisions: read more about our values below.

Integrity and Transparency

It means working with objectivity and by operating in a way that makes it easier for others to see which actions are performed.

Accountability and Results 

It means that we are a business, conscious of our role on the market and geared towards achieving results. We work together to achieve company, team and individual objectives, driven by the common goal of delivering more than just financial returns.

Determination and flexibility 

It means that we strive to reach our goals and are able to change our mindset to exploit new information and technologies.

Curiosity and competency 

It means that we build our business from a solid foundation of knowledge, endlessly looking to widen our horizons and increase our expertise.

Collaboration and trust 

It means that we all work for the same company – RINA – with the goal of growing as one team. We work together, earning and demonstrating trust and building shared value that makes us stronger.

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