Material selection and qualification

A broad range of material selection services for specific technological applications

Material selection services for diverse technological applications consist in identifying operating envelopes, addressing enhanced safety in real operating conditions and also focusing on cost saving.

Thanks to a comprehensive knowledge of materials and extensive laboratory capabilities, ranging from nanoscale to full scale, RINA team conduct testing to qualify materials and provide experimental evidence of resistance against damage mechanisms, including those related to operation in very severe environments and under extreme loading conditions.

This allows organisations to get significant cost savings by using less expensive materials but still able to guarantee an adequate level of safety as well as to launch demanding projects which imply using materials under out-of-standards conditions.

Focus on AM

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is defined as “the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies, such as traditional machining”.

This recent approach concerns the use of integrated computational materials engineering in which microstructural and mechanical analysis is integrated with process parameters, modelling data and tomography defect analysis.

AM is a technology rapidly expanding in a number of industrial sectors, which provides design freedom and environmental/ecological advantages. It involves complex physical phenomena including melting/solidification and vaporization, heat and mass transfer.

We have the experience and skills to map available AM methods and track technological trends and gaps. We can help you select or design proper alloy compositions to achieve qualified components produced by AM.

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