Drilling and completions

Dedicated on-site surveillance and spot monitoring

For the Oil & Gas Industry, carrying out Exploration and Production activities in a safe and productive manner is crucial.

Non Productive Time (NPT) costs and failure of equipment can lead to costly overruns, loss of life and environmental impacts. The implementation of a rigorous drilling & completions (D&C) inspections program can help client well teams lessen the chances that such issues arise.

Maintaining an extensive pool of D&C expertise allows capturing equipment non compliances in the vendor shops before they get to the field, right through to ensuring the proper set-up and testing of completion strings in the field both onshore and offshore before they are sent downhole.



RINA is global company with a wide International footprint experienced onshore and offshore.

We have a strong network of in-house engineers and technical coordinators, field inspection personnel and consultants who are well versed in the applicable D&C industry codes, standards and quality assurance practices that customers rely upon to protect their critical operations and assets.

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