Strategy Innovation & Sustainability

Services to anticipate and manage Market, Technological, Social & Sustainability challenges

Social, sustainability and technological changes coupled with a strong competitive market scenario are transforming traditional strategy approaches. In this evolutive framework, business leaders need to be supported in managing complex business issues to improve profitability and long-term value.

RINA can sustain the top management in re-designing a new corporate strategy to be ready for the present and future challenges and support the operations leader in the development and implementation of related action plan.  

Thanks to a consolidated and structured approach, together with the multidisciplinary expertise, flexibility and creativity of our consultants, RINA is the ideal partner to adapt a wide range of strategic environments, each requiring distinct skills and capabilities. 

  1. Business Plans 
  2. Growth Strategy (megatrend assessment and roadmapping, business model re-design) 
  3. Sustainability Strategy (SDGs, Circularity Assessment) 
  4. Innovation and R&D Strategy (strategic intelligence, definition of innovation governance models, new product development) 
  5. Performance Assessment New business/markets entry strategy (market/sector analyses and assessment) 


  1. M&A (Opportunities Scouting, M&A strategy definition, joint venture/ alliance strategy) 
  2. Commercial & Business Due Diligence  
  3. Capital Strategy (Economic and Financial Analyses, Evaluation & analysis of Investment alternatives, investment strategy definition) 
  4. Shareholder value analysis and value-based management 

  1. Distribution Strategy  
  2. Clients Portfolio Analysis 
  3. Pricing Strategy definition 
  4. Marketing e commercial strategy 


  1. Impact Assessment (Cost-benefit analysis, socio-economic impact assessment) 
  2. Financial valuation analysis 
  3. Economic studies for competition investigations and merger proceedings  
  4. New regulations & policy impact assessment 


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