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The new dimension of RINA Assurance: digital and data-driven

Digital AssuranceAs a certification body, RINA is committed to help organizations achieve excellence through our Digital Assurance services. Our primary goal is your growth, and our mission is to guide you towards new levels of success thanks to our extensive experience.

How do we make this possible? We have improved the traditional approach to certification/assurance by implementing digital solutions that provide a continuous, data-driven audit. 

Our digital platform can receive data streams directly from any data source, including:

Data received are analyzed in real-time and secured to ensure integrity and immutability. With our digital platform, you can obtain certificates and verification opinions in real-time allowing you  to share them with interested stakeholders.

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A digital partner is a provider of digital solutions that joins an exclusive network of companies to increase the value of their offering. By becoming a certified digital partner, you can stand out in the market by integrating your digital solutions with our innovative digital certification services.

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