We are actively engaged in supporting our clients in the implementation of sustainable energy generation, transmission and distribution                                                    

It is an exciting time for the energy sector: new technologies are now available and implemented, growing awareness of the importance of sustainability and preserving our environment, smart grids and new energy management systems are driving the energy mix transition from fossil fuels to cleaner sources.

New energy transmission models are influencing the possibility for a wider population to benefit from electrical power.


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future of solar energy


A bright future for solar energy

Interview with Pascal Penicaud, CEO, Tenergie

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Earth observation data for the benefit of renewable energy technologies


Earth observation data

The usage of EOD in renewable energy sectors

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Offshore wind sector: spinning fast


The boost in offshore wind

Offshore wind, new markets have emerged

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Case study

Remote condition monitoring

The electrical components condition monitoring study is aimed at increasing their reliability in offshore wind farms.  

Case study

QEII floating PV array

The QEII reservoir floating PV project is projected to provide 20% of the Thames Water plant’s electricity needs.