Global Marine Training

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RINA designs and provides specific training for the Marine sector, offering paths of growth and strategic innovation. Training plays a fundamental role to achieve working goals: investing time and resources in training generates, as an immediate advantage, highly qualified and competitive personnel, with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In the Global Marine Training Centre, our main objective is to develop and deliver high-quality training material for the emerging training/learning needs of the entire shipping industry.

Online Marine Training courses

The global health emergency has an impact on educational and training activities too. The first reaction of our Centre to the outbreak was to gradually put on-hold all classroom training courses scheduled for the first semester of 2020. Since the crisis status and the respective measures differ from country to country, resuming the classroom training activity will be subject to a case-by-case evaluation.

As the training needs of shipping companies cannot be put on hold, Global Marine Training Centre, initiates an online training programme which will run in the post lockdown period.

Four training courses will be delivered online in January 2021, in a synchronous mode, with trainees and trainers being present online at the same time, interacting through a special training platform. In this virtual classroom environment, innovative technology is applied to offer a live experience, as for example with the virtual tour onboard in the Hazmat Expert course. Gamification solutions will keep the trainees continuously engaged and online assessments and examinations will be used for transparent evaluations.

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