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RINA at a glance

Committed to simplifying complexities with a focus on energy transition, ESG and digitalisation

With a global network of over 5,800 talented professionals, we are committed to simplifying complexities with a focus on energy transition, ESG and digitalisation.

In 2000, we inherited the know-how of one of the world's first naval classification registries, the Italian Naval Registry, and we turned it into a "business-to-society" company, supporting customers in keeping up with changes and growing sustainably.

We specialise in testing, inspection, certification, and engineering solutions across a wide range of markets, including Marine, Energy and Mobility, Real Estate and Infrastructure, Space and Defense, and Industry 4.0.

At RINA, we collaborate with our clients to find innovative solutions to complex problems, leveraging our expertise to anticipate and tackle any challenges along the way. Our ultimate goal is the improvement of the quality of life and building sustainable values for future generations. 

Our people come from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds and, respecting and embracing these differences, makes us much stronger. 

Our market sectors services

Ship classification has been the cornerstone of our business from its very beginning, propelling us to become one of the world's leading marine classification societies. Over time, we have progressively broadened the range of our services and diversified our operational sectors. RINA’s extensive expertise, coupled with its commitment to continuous development and training, ensures the highest levels of professionalism and competence.

In the Marine, we champion a sustainable approach, with a strong commitment to energy saving, emissions reductions and optimisation of fuel consumption.

We support the sustainable growth of worldwide Energy operators in their quest to meet the increasing market demands in oil and gas, power generation (traditional, renewables and power grids) and environmental protection.

Our third-party Certification services provide an independent guarantee of compliance with associated regulatory standards, in order to support companies across all aspects of projects, operations, logistics and legislation.

We offer specialised and tailored services for the Transport & Infrastructure sector, aimed at optimising the value and potential of assets whilst complying with standards, controlling costs, ensuring quality and safety and respecting project timescales.

Our Industry team offers expert support to its clients, boosting their competitiveness in areas where materials, technologies and innovation play a critical role, with a special focus on manufacturing, steel and special alloys, aerospace and defence.

With regard to Inspection & Field, we support the management of our clients' assets or projects across various market segments, enabling them to achieve their performance goals while adhering to QHSE standards, deadlines, and all regulatory requirements.

Our Purpose and our Way

Our company, our decisions, and our actions are all guided by our raison d'être: our purpose.

Everyone in RINA chooses to do what they do, because we believe in a shared goal: providing solutions that improve the wellbeing of the society and building sustainable values for future generations.

We accomplish this through our expertise, knowledge, and a highly capable team that delivers clear and innovative solutions to complex problems, ensuring the successful execution of even the most ambitious projects.