F-Gas certification

A step to obtain a Refrigerating Engineer diploma


The F-Gas certification covers operators, firms and training centres working with fluorinated greenhouse gases, which must fulfil the obligations arising from the Kyoto Protocol to reduce emissions and meet the EU climate change targets.
In detail, the certification is mandatory for operators performing installation, repair, maintenance, gas recovery, and leak detection in the following types of plant and equipment containing f-gas:

Personnel Certification

The diploma of a Refrigerating Engineer (“Patentino Frigorista”) is issued after a successful completion of theoretical and practical examination tests which test the competences in accordance with the requirements of the applicable European Regulations: installation, maintenance, repair or recovery activities can only be carried out by operators holding such diploma.

Certification for Businesses

The certificate is issued to firms employing certified staff in sufficient numbers to cover the volume of activity envisaged and having the facilities, equipment, tools, and procedures required to carry out the activity.

Certification of training centres

The certificate is issued to the centres which issue attestations to personnel following the recovery of certain fluorinated gases from air conditioning systems of motor vehicles, falling within the scope of Directive 2006/40/EC, in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No 307/2008.

Legal Framework

The European Parliament and the European Council adopted Regulation 842/2006 (FGAS Regulation), which lays down specific requirements for the various phases of the entire life cycle of fluorinated gases, from production up to the end of life.
The subsequent Italian Presidential Decree No. 43 of 27 January 2012 fulfils the requirements of the EC Regulation, requiring Member States to activate a certification system for staff and companies involved in the use of fluorinated gases.


RINA is accredited for the certification of operators and companies carrying out activities on plants containing fluorinated greenhouse gases. We are represented throughout Italy with a network of offices, auditors and qualified technicians for the certification of personnel and businesses.


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