MaRINA Manager

The leading professional development training program for Port Director, Port Officer, Technical Manager and Port Service Manager

MaRINA Manager is a certification scheme for professionals operating in the tourist marina sector: Port Director, Port Officer, Technical Manager and Port Service Manager.

The certification intends to maximise the professionalism of the operators involved in managing daily processes in tourist port areas, in order to:

Service Details

The profiles classified here are:

Certification Procedure

The stages of certification access are:

As part of the qualification process, you can also take part in a training course developed by RINA and complementing the exam preparation process.

The certification is valid for a number of years, subject to an assessment, every 18 months, of the certified skills by submitting the relevant documents and participating in skills upgrade courses.


What are the subjects covered by the training course?

The topics vary depending on the professional profile.

Port Director and Manager:

Port Technical Manager:

Port Service Manager:

How long does the training course last?

The duration varies according to the professional profile:


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