Gas plant operators

Personnel designing, installing and maintaining civil-grade gas systems

The so-called Gas Meter Operators are professionals who carry out design, installation, inspection, and maintenance of civil gas installations powered by distribution networks.
UNI 11554 certification attests to the requirements for obtaining this professional qualification and is applicable only to business operators already authorised under the Italian Ministerial Decree No. 37/08 (Article 1, paragraph 2, letter e).

Service Details

The possession of the certificate (“diploma”) guarantees the expertise of professionals in this field, in order to meet the needs of a market that is increasingly demanding the competences and professionalism of operators.
For example, adding the F-Gas diploma to the range of personnel certification provided by RINA demonstrates a growing market desire for a more thorough selection of the professionals referred to in letters a) and g) of Italian Ministerial Decree No. 37/08.

Certification Procedure

The certificate is issued following a successfully completion of a test, consisting of a theoretical and a practical parts, in which the skills of the operators are verified in relation to the required profile in accordance with the requirements of UNI 11554.
The exam topics are:


For staff certification, RINA operates under ACCREDIA accreditation according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024.
We guarantee a widespread presence throughout Italy, with structures dedicated to test examinations, and qualified technicians for the training and evaluation of candidates.


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