Digital technology

Thanks to our experience on the Energy market, we can offer 4 different types of digital service: data acquisition and monitoring, AI-based data analysis and prediction, digital twins of a real asset customized digital applications to support clients in increasing the efficiency of their projects

Digital innovation is one of the most important keywords in the future of energy market, and we acknowledge its new role. Our services use the strategic application of innovative digital technology, from artificial intelligence and big data to predictive data analytics, blockchain and digital twins.

Our own digital platform, RINACube, allows for data integration from various sources, and is capable of machine learning driven analytics to correlate data and provide valuable business insights.

Thanks to our experience on the energy market, we can offer four different types of digital service:

Our technical expertise, attention to quality, and focus on innovation and new technologies give us the possibility to support your business and perfectly complement the knowledge and expertise of your employees.

Andrea Pestarino Head of Innovation for Energy

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Houston (USA), 17 - 19 September 2019


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