We provide consultancy services to private and public bodies, lenders and donors. This will enable them to ensure compliance with local and international laws, directives and standards, increase environmental awareness and tie in with the critical milestones of Financial Investment Decision, Take Over and End of Life

We understand the challenges of developing and constructing an energy project; maximising return on investment whilst reducing all project risks to a minimum. We recognise the need for a flexible approach to work that supports the owner in finding the right balance between speed of execution, technical precision, room to manoeuvre in contractual negotiations, and overall cost.

An inherent advantage is gained through engaging us in your project development process since, in addition to managing the planning process, we also undertake the design of a project and produce all the necessary technical drawings required for planning.

We provide effective services to the private sectors, international and local public bodies, lenders and donors, enabling them to increase environmental awareness, ensure compliance with local laws, international directives and standards, and improve social and economic context. Many of our services tie in with the critical milestones of Financial Investment Decision (FID), Take Over and End of Life.

Thanks to our extended network of consultants and local offices, we have a deep and worldwide understanding of local contexts and regulatory frameworks.

Leonardo Brunori Energy Systems & Sustainability Executive Vice President

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Houston (USA), 17 - 19 September 2019


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