Water cycle engineering and consulting services

Harnessing our expertise to preserve, recycle, redistribute and manage the water cycle

Water cycle engineering and consulting services

We offer comprehensive support to organizations across the entire water value chain, from those involved in water resource collection, storage, distribution, and management, to water treatment for industrial, agricultural, and household use. Additionally, we provide expertise in water reuse, promoting a circular economy perspective.

What we offer

- Resilience against climate change impact: we can help water operators analysing the resilience capabilities of water and wastewater networks and to reach positive balance after valorisation.

- Water infrastructures: we are keen to offer our global leadership in water and wastewater networks master planning and engineering, as well as in designing water catchment solutions, such as dams and reservoirs for both energy and irrigation purposes. 

- Sustainability and circularity: our expertise extends to nature-based solutions for water management and biodiversity preservation. Re-use of cleaned from pollutants water using low energy and zero waste technology solutions is promoted for extensive use to generate beneficial impacts at society level.

- Digital services: our smart monitoring solutions utilize a combination of in-situ sensing, satellite technology, and digital twin technologies to increase efficiency in the water and wastewater network management.

Our special services include the development of waterbags designed for transporting large quantities of freshwater over the sea to island/coastal communities, addressing the issue of water scarcity exacerbated by climate changes. Moreover, we excel in monitoring water networks in real-time, enabling the identification of water losses by real time hydraulic balance and the deployment of optimisation measures.


Fabrizio Lagasco

Why RINA? 



At RINA, our problem-solving approach is built on open collaboration and active involvement of all stakeholders. We firmly believe in co-development and co-design of solutions. As a qualified expert in water-related issues, our partners and clients can trust us to find effective, sustainable, and compliant solutions that align with existing regulations.

Our expertise extends to proven and validated solutions developed within Research and Innovation projects, in collaboration with the finest European institutions. We boast a unique experience in participating in R&D projects funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Framework Programmes. 


Our people


Fabrizio Lagasco

Fabrizio Lagasco

Head of Global Emerging Market Scouting R&D Opportunities

Based on +25 years’ multidisciplinary experience and commercial direction of technology based complex projects to encompass industrial needs, my mission is to accelerate novel and cutting edge R&D approaches to become part of RINA engineering services pack.

Andrea Goglio

Andrea Goglio

Scouting Food R&D Opportunities Senior Consultant

Drawing from international research experiences in wastewater treatment and nutrients recovery within the framework of a circular economy, my mission is to implement innovative water use and reuse practices through cutting-edge R&D approaches in the agricultural field.

Biniyam Birhan Sishah

Biniyam Birhan Sishah

Scouting Water R&D Opportunities Senior Consultant

With a PhD in Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering and leveraging the rich research and consulting knowledge of RINA, I am at your service to assist with projects necessitating expertise in water resources engineering and management.


Explore our consulting services



Water, wastewater and waste utilities: we offer waste disposal, treatment and recycling technologies, as well as ground and surface water clean-up projects

Dams and hydraulic works: we provide design and engineering services for the development of a variety of significant hydraulic structures, which range from dams to cofferdams for river diversion

Smart monitoring solutions: we offer solutions for the integrity management of civil and industrial assets of the water / wastewater infrastructures

Risk and security: we can help identifying potential hazardous areas and possible remediation measures, in compliance with applicable national and local regulations

Cyber security: we evaluate the business impact of cyber threats, protecting assets, preventing attacks and mitigating risk, with the ultimate purpose of creating a cyber resilient culture across the water and wastewater utility organizations

Seismic assessment: we assess the seismic vulnerability of existing and planned water lifelines and related infrastructures portfolio, to identify the risk priorities and forecast construction costs for improvements, as well as to plan and manage the potential seismic rehabilitation

Resilience Engineering: we provide support in the prevention, detection, response and recovery from natural disasters, man-made events, global changes and technological threats


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