Dams and hydraulic works

Geotechnical engineering applied to hydropower and pumped storage plants

We provide design and engineering services for the development of a variety of significant hydraulic structures, which range from dams to cofferdams for river diversion.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

In particular, we deliver to both contractors and public / private operators:

Furthermore, we have experience in working on a variety of different structures: from rockfill dams lined with steel to homogeneous dams, zoned earth and rock dams, as well as hydroelectric power plants with small, medium and big water heads.


Our early earth and rock dam experience, working in close collaboration with key figures in the field, has taught us to be particularly keen in investigating and to consider a proper insight into the characteristics of foundation and construction materials the keystone of a sound design.

Working worldwide and meeting widely different geological conditions and environments have enabled us to develop a broad experience and an open-minded approach to solutions.

Among our projects are the design of 5 temporary cofferdams for the protection of construction sites at the Panama Canal Third Set of Locks and the construction of an 86 m high sandstone earthfill dam with central clay core in Kerrada, Algeria. 

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