Power system analysis software to simulate electrical networks and to judge their correct, safe and timely operation

ERACS electrical power system analysis software is no longer available to purchase or lease as of 21 December 2023

What is ERACS?

ERACS software is suitable for modelling LV, MV and HV balanced three-phase power systems. It models a range of components, including synchronous machines, induction machines, loads, cables, transmission lines & protection devices. ERACS can support models that comprise 10 busbars (switchboards) up to 1500 busbars.
The software provides the following calculation modules:

- Loadflow: models radial and mesh/interconnected AC three-phase LV to HV systems with multiple generation sources and provides steady-state analysis, including current, voltage and loading profiles.

- Fault & IEC909: enables classical fault types to be analysed and IEC 60909 / IEC 909 fault studies to be performed.

- Harmonics: enables investigation of the effect of harmonic sources on the electrical system, and allows the connection of non-linear equipment to be assessed against the planning levels specified in Engineering Recommendation G5/4.

- Protection Co-ordination: enables setting and co-ordination of protection devices and evaluates dynamic operation of the protection scheme in response to fault conditions.

- Arc Flash Risk Assessment: performs an incident energy analysis on the electrical network to determine the thermal severity of arc flash hazards and recommends appropriate PPE, using IEEE Std 1584-2018 and NFPA 70E-2024 standards.

- Transient Stability: allows dynamic system behaviour to be analysed (e.g. motor starting, fault application, load application, load rejection and generator behaviour).

Development of and support for the ERACS software product will come to an end on 21 December 2023. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


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