Investing in Energy digitalization implies faster operational decisions, leads to better asset utilization, reduces operating costs and increases efficiency

Nowadays more and more attention is paid to operational costs, Non Productive Time due to asset components’ failure, plant performances and dissimilar data formats in the decision-making process; that is why quality data management and analytics make the real difference and that is why investing in digitalization may represent a strategic decision for the bright future of many companies, contractors and operators in the Energy market.

Today companies are enabled to smarter data usage by digital technologies and software which:

Service details

Digital technology and software encompass:

These new capabilities make digitalization to be seen “as a service”.


RINA dedicated digitalization team with strengthened IT competences support clients’ capabilities in analytics and ensure the result achievement with a consultative and propositional role.

Our systemic methodologies address the following areas:


RINA technical expertise allows optimizing maintenance and efficiency of various asset families throughout the entire production chain and to achieve safety and security.

Continuous developments are the core of our Innovation department, always attentive to clients’ suggestions and needs and capable of traducing them into new software solutions and applications.


How does the synchronization process work?

The software independently runs on each installation in self-consistent mode.

When more than one installation is required, a 360-degree view is guaranteed thanks to data transmission.

Is the integration with other systems possible?

The solution is a fully configurable and designed for data import and/or export and ready for interfacing other systems, mostly Enterprise Resource Planning.

How data security is performed?

Data security is multi-level, thanks to security strategies implemented by the cloud services, the technological infrastructures (data center), monitoring and surveillance programs and backup systems.

Which sales arrangements are foreseen?

Software licensing or Software as a Service model.