RINAction: our solutions to mitigate COVID-19 impact on businesses

How to restart the economy after COVID-19? Through social distancing rules and digital as the new normal, here's our services to support business continuity

rinactionThe world after COVID-19 will be very different and the global economic order is going to be restructured imminently. As a matter of fact, there will be enormous changes, unprecedented in their magnitude, which will have a strong impact on business, economy, society, cultures and personal lives, defining a new pace of global development. What will the effects of these changes be? How big will their impact be?

Answering these questions and anticipating businesses’ needs is the key to business continuity management or recovery after the lockdown.

That’s why we have created RINAction, a suite of services to support organisations of all sectors and sizes in both the recovery and the so-called “new normal” phases.

Solutions that, first and foremost, take into account people’s health and safety and social distancing requirements, and that embrace digitalization as the driving force behind the restart.

Discover RINAction services:

Case study

M / n Splendid into a “hospital ship”

A project developed by GNV together with RINA to assist coronavirus patients and increase the hospital capacity of Liguria

Case study


A common digital platform to make all data about nanofabrication available in an open and interoperable format