Pre-shipment and traceability global assurance

With reference to PPE’s and imported medical devices, we supply the control of the relevant documents and authorization forms for each country

With increasing globalization, many supply chains are spread across countries. This complicates the risks faced by manufacturers and importers. As quality standards and human judgement differ between countries, companies need to ensure that the quality and quantity of goods they receive is consistent with specifications, especially in the case of overseas suppliers.

Pre-Shipment and Traceability Global Assurance is aimed at ensuring the quality conformity in the global supply chain with the following checks:

A dedicated service on PPE’s and imported Medical Devices

We supply the control of the relevant documents and authorizations form and for each country, also considering the local regulations (i.e. UE type approval and Authorization as Notified Body, FDA Authorization, Export authorization for the PPE’s and Md’s, White list).

On this topic, we can provide several possible services, upon client’s request:

In the international trading, clients search the guarantee on the conformity of the ordered goods, while suppliers seek the certainty to release payments by documentary credit or documentary remittance, and Governments to safeguard national interests against fraud and import of substandard or prohibited goods.

Through this service, you'll manage to comply with trade requirements established by foreign countries, as well as with any mandatory rule or strict performance request.

Main involved documents are:

- letters of credit

- customer orders

- pro-forma invoices

- customer-approved packing lists

- technical documentation.

Nowadays there's a need for compliance of the mandatory certification for the purchased products.

Through our highly-skilled teams, we are able to deliver fast and technically reliable review services of all the provided documentation associated to the products, with the possibility of performing a pre-assessment review (even in a desktop mode) of the certificates and documents, ensuring clients to avoid disruptions or any potential problem at delivery.

In-line Inspections focus on controlling the quality of products by inspecting the production line/raw materials, in order to identify potential problems that may result in defective end products.

This is also connected to the strict control of the traceability of the batches connected to the authorized manufacture plant.

Assessing each single item of the suppliers and/or their facilities against your own standards & quality, safety or security requirements can ensure to your entire supply chain a level of reliability at the highest levels.

We monitor loading of goods on your behalf. We also inspect the condition of containers and verify the identity and quantity of goods. This enables us to initiate optimization measures on the spot, if necessary.

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