Health & Safety services for business continuity

Helping industries to manage the Covid-19 emergency and get back to work safely

covid19-coronavirus-emergency-rinaThe current Covid-19 emergency has impacted multiple industries due to the sudden demand on goods and services, lockdown restrictions and the complexity of implementing health and safety requirements in workplaces in compliance with relevant local guidelines.

It is essential for businesses and projects to apply new processes and rearrange their organisation to guarantee continuity of activities under current restrictions and get ready to resume as soon as the spread of the disease is under control and lockdowns are gradually lifted.

In this context, RINA can support the development of tailored health & safety protocols and strategies for a variety of businesses, operators and stakeholders including:

Health & Safety services to manage the Covid-19 emergency and mitigate its impacts

-guarantee business continuity by minimising disruptions due to the pandemic

-facilitate the prompt and safe recovery of engineering, construction and production activities

-increase community awareness regarding pandemic causes, effects and response

-safeguard investments against the risk of potential workers and communities’ liabilities due to the potential spread of COVID-19

-preserve workers and communities’ health

- response plans, with specific focus on COVID-19 impact management

-preparation of Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines tailored to COVID-19 prevention, mitigation and monitoring

-independent review of Community Health Management Plans focused on COVID-19 transmission risks, mitigation measures and monitoring

-identification of the most vulnerable and exposed people on site and in nearby communities

-assessment of the healthcare infrastructure status of the potential affected region

-development of health impact assessment projects related to and/or caused by changes in social behaviour

-review of Recovery Plans (for engineering activities, construction and/or productive sites)

-consultation on best practices aiming at better organising workers logistics to avoid the spread of COVID-19 spread and guarantee business continuity

-webinar sessions on field site-specific procedures and/or plans to be implemented to guarantee protection of the workforce and communities

-development of Stakeholder Engagement Plans considering current limitations due to the COVID-19 emergency

-preparation of community awareness campaigns focused on the spreading of the virus, on how to limit infections and fight superstitions and false beliefs

-preparation of specific Community Support and Development Plans to be included in the Sponsors’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

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