Assessment ISO 26000

Guidelines on social responsibility of organisations

The ISO 26000 Guidelines were created to provide guidance on implementing social responsibility, or principles that an organisation should integrate and practice in its activities and relationships with all stakeholders.

Service Details

The principles of social responsibility include:

Integrating Social Responsibility into your organisation is beneficial to:

Assessment Procedure

The ISO 26000 assessment process ends, irrespective of the outcome of the assessment, with the issuance of an attestation and a report showing the strengths and areas for improvement of the organisation’s current management.
In the case of annual assessments, the continuity of the evaluation process provides additional benefits:


RINA, with its multi-annual experience in the certification of Social Responsibility, provides organisations with a complete and thorough assessment.


What is the target of an excellent organisation according to the ISO 26000:2010 assessment?
The rule is aimed at anyone who intends to improve their social responsibility performance and/or integrate it into their current management system.

Is ISO 26000:2010 certifiable?
ISO 26000 is not a standard for management systems: the Guidelines were created for support and development purposes and not for certification purposes.

Is the attestation issued by RINA valid over time?
The attestations issued by RINA, unlike our certificates, do not have any expiration or renewal periods. However, it is advisable to periodically (e.g. annually) assess the situation to provide an adequate continuity in the evaluation process.


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