Organic farming certification

Exploit the natural fertility of the soil and promote the biodiversity

Organic farming is a production method that:

This certification is intended for those who produce, prepare, store, market or import from third countries both live and unprocessed agricultural products and processed agricultural products intended for use as organic food.
The service applies to both traditional farmers who intend to introduce the organic farming method among their activities, and to those who already work ‘organically’ and would like to be certified.


RINA issues this certification through Agroquality, a specialist food service company.
Thanks to the authorisation granted by MIPAAF (Ministerial Decree No. 21460 of 21/11/2016), the Agroquality team has extended the certification of the agri-food industry to organic farming products. From the field to the table, the traceability and quality of the raw materials and the finished product are ensured throughout the chain.

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