ISO 18295 Customer contact centres

The standard contributes to making the structures of the call centre more efficient, minimizing the risk of complaints and differentiating yourself from competitors.

Service details

The new standard is applicable to both in-house (captive) and outsourced (third party operator) Consumer Contact Centres (CCC), of all sizes, across all sectors and all interaction channels including inbound and outbound. ISO 18295 comprises two parts: ISO 18295-1 that contains the requirements for CCCs and ISO 18295-2 that contains the requirements for client organization that mandates the CCC.

Certification procedure

Transition from UNI EN 15838 and UNI 11200

Organizations already certified according to the UNI EN 15838 and UNI 11200 standards will have to adapt the certificates to the new standards in accordance with the ACCREDIA provisions.
By December 31st 2019 company will have to adapt your certification to the new revision of the standard and then you will have to start the transition process.
There are no limits for the issue of certificates according to EN 15838 / UNI 11200 until that date, although all certificates still issued based on the aforementioned standards will lose their validity starting from January 1st 2020.
The newly issued certificates in accordance with ISO 18295 will have a deadline equal to that of the certificates issued pursuant to the EN 15838 and ISO 11200 standards.


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