Bollino Blu

Italian mark for the promotion of catering and restaurant services

The certification of compliance with the Bollino Blu program stems from a specific protocol signed by the Italian Ministry of Health and FIPE. The project is aimed at food and beverage companies, regardless of size and distribution form.

The “Bollino Blu” kit, provided to the certified trader, includes: 
- the Bollino Blu logo certificate and official license plate with the logos of the Ministry of Health and Fipe-Confcommercio
- Two Bollino Blu window stickers with the logos of the Ministry of Health and Fipe-Confcommercio indicating the validity dates of the certificate
- A card, to be filled out, indicating the features of the trader that will then be included in the Online Guide.

Service details

The certification entails the following pre-requisites:

The compliance check is carried out according to the requirements of the Bollino Blu programme: 

Certification procedure

Upon successful verification, the certification of conformity entails the issue of:

Continued use of the logo is subject to annual audits.

In the event of non-compliance, a sanction system is envisaged:


RINA provides this service through Agroqualità, an independent certification company specialising in the agro-food sector. Agroqualità is authorised to operate under the Bollino Blu project, meeting the requirements of the Verification Protocol:


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