&Wider - Audits powered by anonymous insights from workers

Thanks to &Wider, auditors benefit from anonymous reporting from workforce and can monitor between audits

How it works

Direct Worker Reporting consists of anonymous insights from workers thanks to 5-minute-long phone calls, during which the workers are asked a series of simple pre-recorded questions about their working lives. These calls are completely anonymous and workers answer the questions by using the keypad. No one can ever know which worker chose which answer or which workers answered the calls and no worker is asked to use his voice, offer his name or tell a story. Furthermore, they can decide when they want to take the call. As a matter of fact, the system calls the workers at a particular time, but they can choose to be called back later.

How it helps auditors

Direct Worker Reporting helps auditors in multiple ways.

It allows the auditor to reach a large number of workers: usually the number of workers who answer the call is far bigger than the number of workers who are interviewed during an audit.

Moreover, DWR represents an additional source of information that is provided in advance, so that the auditors have all the information they need to make in-depth preparations for the onsite audit. With the information supplied through DWR the auditor can then investigate further during the visit; focusing on specific topics already touched upon and tailoring their approach to get the most out of the interaction with both the supplier and the workers.The service provides clarity and knowledge on a wider scale; effectively supporting the accuracy and precision of the audit result.

DWR allows continuous monitoring: in fact, results are produced 3 to 4 times a year, offering the auditor a way to check whether there have been any changes or improvements on the site and what impact any corrective actions may have had on working conditions.

What Direct Worker Reporting offers you

To sum up, Direct Worker Reporting:

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