COCS 30/DT Trenitalia

Competence management system certification

Inspired by the principle that rail service can be both of high quality and safe, Trenitalia (the main Italian railway transport operator) has implemented the so-called Integrated Safety and Performance Management System: arrangements and practices that aim to regulate the quality and safety of the services offered.

Among these, in July 2010, was issued the COCS, the Organisational Communication for Safety Certification No. 30/DT, with the aim of ensuring that the skills of internal and external staff working for Trenitalia are adequate. In particular, the purpose is to verify the staff’s skills regarding the maintenance of the safety organs and the so-called special processes (welding and non-destructive testing).

The document also applies to outsourced contractors who carry out maintenance, improvement and periodic inspections and intermediate checks of the tanks on the tanker carriages for the transport of dangerous goods owned by Trenitalia.

Legal framework

The service is regulated according to COCS No. 30/DT - “Technical Requirements, pursuant to the Decree 23/2004 of the Infrastructure Manager transposed in the ANSF Decree 1/2009, for the Contractor Companies providing maintenance operations on the safety organs of Trenitalia rolling stock”.


What are the safety organs of rolling stock?
Running gear, bogies, braking systems, on-board equipment for train safety, buffers and draw gear components, electrical circuits and their earthing systems, doors and related devices, body (chassis and carrying structures). Special processes concern: welding and non-destructive tests.


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