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MILITARY notations for specific features of warships

RINAMIL rules take care of the peculiarity of Naval Ships and, when required, can provide high-end requirements for specific features of warships, such as the capability to withstand weapon damages and to operate in rough sea or in contaminated environments. This target is achieved with the assignment of confidential additional class notations, identified by the acronym MILITARY.

MILITARY additional class notations deals with different features of the ship:


The assignment of the MILITARY additional class notations is achieved by means of review of the specific studies relevant to the single class notations and, in general, requires the execution of advanced calculation with FEM. For some additional class notations, the implementation of the notation’s requirements is completed by means of the survey during the ship construction.
At completion of the process, the MILITARY additional class notations are assigned and listed in a confidential annex to the Certificate of Class of the ship.


The assignment of one or more MILITARY additional class notations allows the shipyards to demonstrate the capability of their new buildings. Furthermore, the availability of ready-to-use standards for warship military features makes easier to develop technical specifications, build strong ships, and to verify the achievement of the results.


Does RINA need to access confidential information?
In general, input data for the assignment of MILITARY notations are confidential and are to be managed in accordance with the relevant laws in force. In any case, RINA will not disclose any confidential information.

Do additional class notations have an expiry date?
It depends on the notation: for example, the SEA-KEEP class maintains its validity throughout the ship’s life, while the SHOCK notation is subject to annual and renewal audits aligned with class periodical surveys.

Does RINA define the level of the threat to be sustained by the warship?
The level of the threat (e.g. TNT equivalent charge, Hull Shock Factor, number of safety zones, etc.) is defined by the Navy and treated as confidential information.

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