Sustainability, safety and human factor

Sustainability, work safety, human-friendliness, intelligent manufacturing, RFID, water treatment, augmented reality, training

Technology based on extensive connectivity is changing the jobs of all employees and the concept of the work environment as a physical place in which activities are carried out is undergoing a major evolution.

Manufacturing companies are increasingly looking for people who know how to handle data, monitor production processes, and operate systems to correct deviations from the target.

RINA offering is suited to support in understanding, driving, and ultimately exploiting this change, and includes training and workplace safety. Focussing on organisations’ needs, our approach takes into account safety, security and comfortable work environments with high technology systems.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Focus on training

We have a solid experience in managing high-level training programs including for example Steel Master, EuroSteel Master, Master on Additive Manufacturing (MAM), and Master on Industry 4.0 (MIND4.0).

Focus on safety

Safety is a sector that will receive tremendous impetus through enabling technologies, in particular wearable devices and augmented reality solutions. We have launched important development projects in this context: for instance, drones equipped with special sensors are able to monitor the evolution of big industrial assets (for example a tall chimney), avoiding workers having to operate in unsafe conditions.

We have developed and installed complete solutions based on software and hardware packages, including dynamic production line scheduling systems, also designed for user-friendliness. Another example regards a critical waste water treatment plant, for which we successfully designed a 3D interface, mapping each machine and its operation, in order to simplify monitoring activities. This monitoring system is now operating on-line.


Typically we apply a multistep approach based on:


Our approach is based on a tailored mix of our strong technical experience in processes, in materials and in automation. Our network of universities, start-ups in enabling technologies and external partners allows us to propose tailor-made solutions, based on a wide know-how and the most advanced engineering solutions in terms of software, hardware and devices.

Our wide technical background, including sensors, drones, augmented reality devices and 3D HMI, is based on many years of field experience world-wide.


Can you give examples of applications?
During the years we have supplied several sensors, both physical and virtual, together with software platforms and tools in Italy, Europe and the Americas.

Is augmented reality really useful in an industrial plant?
When you wear special glasses, showing you digital images of the machine you are trying to re-start, and the glasses suggest you how to proceed, where to put your hands, which buttons to use, speaking your native language, then you better understand your industrial plant and you are more confident using it.

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