Support in the pre-contractual phase

Technical specification and documents review

Mandatory regulations are milestones to correctly ensure that clients’ vessels are properly designed and built. In order to comply with the major international regulations, RINA is able to ensure that the contracts are correctly written to fulfill clients’ needs.
In particular, thanks to its experience, we provide the statements of compliance and advices on how to comply with forthcoming regulations, keeping the customer informed on regulations development through dedicated software tools.


Technical specification and pre-contractual documents review, provided for new building and conversion projects to reduce each potential business risk.
The main targets are:

Review of main equipment maker’s specification. Thanks to our consolidated experience we can help the shipyard in the selection of manufacturers, providing critical safety related equipment, and reviewing maker’s specification and qualification of manufacturers.

Shipyard pre-qualification. We are able to assess objectively shipyard suitability, in order to help clients in choosing the appropriate shipyard for their own needs, in order to conform to desired timeline and estimated costs.

Feasibility studies. We can provide feasibility studies addressing the various challenges associated to the development of new buildings projects, safeguarding their integrity by performing ad-hoc analyses and risk assessments.

Evaluation of operational ship’s capabilities. RINA technicians can analyze a ship’s drawings and records to improve the actual use of energy on board, focusing on energy production, conservation and exploitation in its different forms.

Technical Support – Ship Innovation. Being innovative is essential to achieve competitive advantage in order to succeed in today’s market. We can help in many fields, like technology qualification, approval in principle and gas technology.


Thanks to our long tradition in the certification of products and services, we have attained a widely acknowledged level of expertise, skills and know-how’s in specific areas, and have developed a comprehensive, strategic international network of offices to provide prompt and specific responses to client requests.

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