Route dependent lashing

Stowage solutions to boost vessel’s container capacity

The arrangement of container and their lashing is defined taking into account the ship accelerations calculated for the specific route the ship is engaged with, thus allowing their optimization without compromising the safety of cargo.

Service Details

Industry has traditionally based vessel lashing system rules and layout on stormy conditions in the North Atlantic. This means that there is a good potential stowage improvement for routes trading outside that area. RINA new approach to container stowage rules allows you to gain flexibility and safe costs through enhanced container stowage flexibility.


  • Choose one route you trade frequently with your vessel.
  • Obtain from supplier of container lashing equipment the reviewed container securing arrangement (CSA) plans on purpose to be submitted for approval.
  • Ask your software supplier for a RINA certified lashing program according to route Dependent Notation.
  • Follow up with the preparation and installation on board of the CSA and lashing computer
  • Receive the Additional class notation for the vessels.


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