Remote testing

As a leader in the digital transformation of the shipping, RINA provides remote testing services for marine equipment and materials

Remote testing: an innovative solution to prevent coronavirus spread

In view of the new scenario set by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, remote testing can give an important contribution to reduce the risk of infection, as it gives the possibility to perform the necessary testing activities in areas where access restrictions are applied.

RINA is well prepared for this new challenge thanks to the experience gained in the Marine field with almost 300 remote surveys already carried out aboard ships over the last year.

By using a dedicated technology, we are now ready to issue the same type of service also for testing activity and certification of Marine products such as equipment and materials. The advanced software used allows RINA technicians to achieve an equivalent judgement/view on the inspection, i.e. the new service will be equivalent to the same inspection attended at workshop.

Key advantages of remote inspection techniques