The importance of cyber-security training in the maritime industry -

The importance of cyber-security training in the maritime industry

24 Nov 2022

Learn all the risks and make your working environment cyber-secure

Everyday we use our computers and phones to browse the internet, open emails and attachments, check our social media, create files and take photos of our friends, family or favorite places. 

While onboard, the same trend continues and several business functions are based on the use of computer-based systems and digital applications such as ship navigation, email connectivity with offices ashore, payroll, crewing, planned maintenance, ship performance optimization and many others.

Technology is so integrated in our personal and business lives, ashore and onboard, that it can be very easy for us to forget that we might be at risk when we use it. That is why protecting yourself, your phone, tablet, computer and network onboard, is just as vital as locking your front door when you leave the house.

Training yourself in cybersecurity will help you become familiar with:

  •  Risks related to emails and how to behave in a safe manner (phishing attacks etc)
  • Risks related to internet usage where data movement is less controlled and monitored (social media, chat forums, cloud-based file storage) 
  • Risks related to the use of own devices (missing security patches and controls, such as anti-virus) that may transfer the risk to the environment to which they are connected
  • Risks related to installing and maintaining software on company hardware, where the infection can be propagated
  • Risks related to poor software and data security practices where no anti-virus checks, or authenticity verifications are performed 
  • Risks related to user information and passwords 
  •  Risks in relation to the physical presence of non-company personnel, e.g., where third-party technicians are left to work on equipment without supervision 

Cybersecurity awareness training doesn’t just benefit you as an individual but also it benefits and protects your company, your customers, your suppliers and generally your online network.

Learning to detect suspicious activity and report any possible cyber incident is the key to a cyber-secure working environment

We all share responsibility and accountability so that we and our network are safe from attacks.

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Aikaterini Palla