Marine Cybersecurity Awareness | E-learning

New IMO requirements have entered into force from 1st January 2021 for maritime cyber risk management: enroll this computer-based course and learn how to protect your operations from cyber threats

Marine cybersecurity awarenessThe course is designed to develop understanding and awareness of key aspects of cyber security in response to the vulnerability of ships to cyber security risks. Based on a risk-based approach to cyber security, shipowners and ship operators are advised how to assess their operations and develop procedures and actions to maintain the security of cyber-systems onboard. The course will support the company in establishing procedures, plans and instructions as appropriate, for relevant key shipboard operations.

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Duration: 45 minutes

Price: EUR 80,00 per attendee.

- Have a basic understanding of Cybersecurity
- Be aware of potential risks and threats to your ship
- Know useful prevention techniques to keep yourself, the ship and the company safe

Module 1 – Introduction to Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity threats
GPS Spoofing
Examples of Cyber attacks
On-board technologies
On-board vulnerabilities
Vulnerable Systems

Module 2 – Regulatory framework, cyberthreats and defense
IMO resolutions and guidelines
IACS unified requirements
Further guidance and standards
Types of attack
Targeted and untargeted attacks
Cybersecurity defense
Technical and procedural defense

Module 3 – How to protect yourself
Introduction to risks
Risks of mails and URLs
Risks of internet use
Devices risks
Software and antivirus, passwords
Detection of risks
Awareness of consequences

Any professional working in the maritime industry that must be aware of the risks and hazards of cybersecurity and of the required preventive procedures.
RINA Attendance Certificate.