Decarbonisation and energy transition

Our solutions for a lower CO2 footprint

Sustainability is one of our 3 main strategic pillars and we combine different skills to support our customers in their decarbonisation path.

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RINA Carbon Reduction Excellence Team

What we do


H2 could cover an essential role in the new climate neutral economy, accelerating the energy transition


NH3 as the next generation H2, balancing advantages in the transport with challenges in the end usery

Carbon Capture

Lowering CO2 emissions pass through capturing it, avoiding the dispersion in the air, and exploiting its reuse

Alternative Fuels

Low carbon vectors to take advantage of existing technologies, especially in the end use of energy


Nuclear covers a substantial role and technology advancements could unlock a wider potential

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Go Zero



Interviews, articles and stories across the energy transition value chain 

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Decarbonizing the steel industry through hydrogen

An open research and innovation project

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Challenges opportunity in maritime industry

Challenges and Opportunities

Toward decarbonization of the maritime industry

Reducing the carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases is an international, European, and national goal

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Case study

ENGIMMONIA: a decarbonized shipping sector

Ammonia is the alternative fuel of the future shipping sector

Case study

EVERYWH2ERE: a decarbonised entertainment sector

Upscaling Hydrogen Technologies and Fuel Cell Transportable Gensets in EU cities

Our people


RINA Andrea Bombardi

Andrea Bombardi

RINA Carbon Reduction Excellence EVP

Andrea has a deep knowledge of the Energy market and is actively shaping and supporting strategy for positioning RINA in the energy transition: he is the delegate from RINA in Hydrogen Europe and H2IT and member of the working group on Hydrogen in Assorisorse. 

RINA Antonio Lucci

Antonio Lucci

RINA Senior Business Development Manager

Antonio is a Senior Business Development Manager with a solid technical background and deep knowledge of materials. He provides technical and commercial support promoting RINA capabilities inside and outside the organization developing business opportunities and stimulating the networking. 

RINA Natalia Pierozzi

Natalia Pierozzi

RINA Senior Technical Manager

Natalia is a Technical Manager mainly responsible for the monitoring of technologies’ state of the art for decarbonization, the preparation of technical contents for articles and papers and the exploration of opportunities for alliances and partnerships. 

RINA Simone Ursino

Simone Ursino

RINA Business Development Manager

Simone is a Business Development Manager with a comprehensive view on RINA technical capabilities for carbon reduction solutions along the entire value chain of energy, from Production to End Users passing through Transport, Storage and Distribution.