Ecomondo 2019 -

Rimini (Italy)

IEG - Italian Exhibition Group

Ecomondo 2019

05 - 08 Nov 2019

The benchmark event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation in the circular economy

Reaching its 23rd edition, Ecomondo represents the benchmark event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation for what it concerns circular economy, offering an innovative format that brings together on a single platform all fields, including ecodesign, effi­ciency in recovery, the valorisation of commodities and energy, transport, reclamation and redevelopment of contaminated areas.

Ecomondo helps develop an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem and it serves as a perfect occasion to network, since it brings together companies, skilled national and international buyers and the circular economy leading experts.

Offering more than 150 seminars and conferences, this year’s edition will also deal with the new regulatory priorities in the research and innovation field, as well as training in the professional environment. Thanks to the partnership with industrial associations, ministries, research institutes, European Commission and OECD, it will be possible to examine and discuss the main new developments, needs, critical issues and opportunities in the re-use and valorisation of the main forms of electronic and biological, alternative raw materials and industrial eco-design, the reclamation and requalification of contaminated sites, including marine areas, and the bio-economy.

To conclude, since 2009 Ecomondo has showcased an ideal model of the Sustainable City, within one of the spaces exhibiting urban development models, technological solutions, projects and mobility plans that improve citizens’ quality of life and promote sustainable development in regions. 

RINA will attend the event and will take part in some conferences: to know more about them, click on the boxes below.

The polynspire projects (started on the 1st September 2018) has the ambitious goal to study a set of innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions, aiming at improving the energy and resource efficiency of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic recycling processes, targeting 100% waste streams.

The laboratory tests and the first CFD simulations gave encouraging results about capability of the material to be injected into the EAF and to foam slag.

The results demonstrated that a pluri-disciplinary and cross-sectorial approach, based on the circular economy paradigm, together with effort in technological innovation, allow to significant reduce the environmental impact and the sustainability of important and heavy industrial sectors.

Electrode cooling / movement system, insulation, innovative material loading / unloading to speed up fusion, extend the life of the electrodes, make the reactor adiabatic, and make the treatment sustainable and economical. Ideal for the treatment of: asbestos, hospitals, incinerators and energy-intensive businesses fly ash, PCBs, nuclear waste, toxic / harmful waste in general