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What is the EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index)?

07 Apr 2022

Our consulting service helps shipowners to be compliant with new IMO measures by 1st January 2023

New mandatory measures to cut the carbon intensity of international shipping have been adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), including EEXI, which is the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index. 

Its attained value depends on the design features of the vessel and all ships will have to calculate it by 1st January 2023.

To which ships can the new EEXI measure be applied to? 

What is the EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index)?

EEXI can be applied to:

  • bulk carriers, 
  • gas carriers, 
  • tankers, 
  • container ships, 
  • general cargo ships, 
  • refrigerated cargo carriers, 
  • combination carriers, 
  • ro-ro cargo ships, 
  • ro-ro passenger ships, 
  • LNG carriers, 
  • cruise passenger ships having non-conventional propulsion of 400GT.

All above-mentioned ships are required to meet a specific required Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), which is based on a required reduction factor (expressed as a percentage relative to the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) baseline).

The attained EEXI shall result equal or less than the Required EEXI.

How to be compliant with IMO decarbonization measures EEXI? 

We support shipowners and management companies through our consulting service. 

The options to meet the Required EEXI are many: 

  • introduction of an Engine Power Limitation (EPL) or Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi),
  • introduction of energy efficient consumers, 
  • reconsideration of Electrical Power Table,
  • capacity increasing, 
  • speed increasing by means of hydrodynamic improving devices and/or innovative energy efficiency technology. 

We will support you by calculating ship’s current EEXI calculation (attained vs required) and preparation of the EEXI technical file: visit our service page and contact us!  

Benedetta D'Amato