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Stefano Barberis

Stefano Barberis
Project Manager, RINA

"Working in RINA R&D group it's an everyday challenge, talking with people coming from all around EU and always trying to find the best solution and the most innovative concept to address European societal and technological challenges. I love my job and its dynamic environment!"

Sustainability, energy efficiency and low-carbon energy

Supporting the shift towards low-carbon energy

Relying on its multidisciplinary skills, RINA supports the shift towards low-carbon energy through the definition of methods to assess energy efficiency in various industrial sectors and the design of innovative solutions to address energy needs in industry.

We are engaged in the definition of planning tools for exploiting waste heat sources for heating at the urban and metropolitan scale.

Moreover, our capabilities range from the smart management of energy flows through ICT - based solutions, the design of new architectural components with enhanced insulation properties, the enhancement of the seismic vulnerability of buildings, the integration of innovative renewable energy technologies in buildings.

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Case study


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