Leonardo Info software

Access to updated information relevant to classed ships

Shipowners and managers can access updated information relevant to their classed ships through the website https://www.leonardoinfo.com.
By means of personal entry codes, users have secure access to a wide range of facilities and services.

Focus on Easy

Leonardo INFO includes the EASY messaging system for smoothly planning class and statutory surveys. It assists shipowners and ship managers in monitoring due dates for the above mentioned and recommendations, continuous hull and machinery items, foam plant (analysis and renewal). It also notifies the entry into force of new rules and updates.


  • Ship class details
  • Main ship general data
  • Information on certificates and periodical survey status including continuous surveys, if any
  • Overall schedule of deadlines concerning certificates and surveys
  • Recommendations and memoranda
  • Survey status, summarizing all the above information, updated to the last survey on board
  • Survey endorsement sheet, summarizing all operations carried out during the last survey on board
  • Ship classification history enabling all operations carried out in the past to be reviewed
  • Survey checklists
  • Narrative survey report
  • Copies of certificates
  • Summary table of due dates for each Owner’s fleet.


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