FSC® - COC Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® certification certifies the traceability of forestry products

The FSC® certification covers the traceability of forestry products and projects related to their use, and guarantees a chain of custody that allows an organisation to control the origin of incoming and outgoing forestry products through the flow of raw materials.

Certification can be applied to all organisations operating along the forestry production chain, excluding those that do not retain the property right or physical possession of goods/materials (e.g. transport companies).

Certified organisations receive:

Product Certification

The products covered by the certification are: wood products (indoor and outdoor furniture, street furniture, packaging and pallets, wood, firewood, tools, utensils, toys and more, frames and profiles, panels, doors and windows, floors, musical instruments,); pulp and paper products (paper, cardboard / cardboard, cellulose, stationery, paper, printed material); non-timber forest products (cork, straw, wicker, rattan and similar items, bamboo articles, natural rubbers, resins, oils and their derivatives, chemicals, medicines and cosmetics).

Project Certification

The program also includes project certification, in accordance with the FSC-STD-40-006 standard, for the validation of single, partial or complete projects that involve the use of forestry products.
Unlike product certification, project certification has no expiry.

Certification Procedure


Thanks to the technical expertise in forestry management, RINA Services S.p.a. is accredited by ASI (Assurance Services International) for FSC® Custody Chain Certification (Licence Code FSC® A000532).

RINA operates in the world through its subsidiaries RINA Simtex - Organismul de Certificare S.r.l., RINA Bulgaria Ltd, RINA POLAND Sp. z o.o.,RINA (Shanghai) Quality Certification Co. Ltd, RINA Denizcilik ve Belgelendirme Limited Sirketi, RINA Brasil Servicos Tecnicos Ltda, RINA IBERIA S.L.U., RINA India Pvt Ltd.


After obtaining the certificate, can I immediately use the FSC® trademark?
After certification, our team shall approve, before use, any FSC® trademark that the organisation intends to use.


You may find further information on the FSC certification at the following links:


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