Condition Based Maintenance

Preventive, prognostic and trend investigation

Condition Based Maintenance, or CBM, is the process of extracting prognostic information from machines to indicate their actual wear and degradation, and the relevant rate of change.
Based on the outputs of CBM, the maintenance tasks can be adjusted accordingly. These techniques are therefore a powerful tool for preventive, prognostic and trend investigations.

Regulatory Focus

The cost effectiveness of the CBM approach is related to the criticality of the monitored items, the reliability of the CBM techniques in providing valuable information and the ease of interpretation of the results and their trends.
The RINA Rules, upon manufacturer approval, indicate the minimum parameters to be checked in order to monitor the condition of the various pieces of machinery for which this type of maintenance is accepted.
The choice of items to be included in the CBM program is up to the Owner.
The frequency of the measurements can be increased according to the criticality of the equipment.


RINA, teaming with the owner and the manufacturers:

The strategy will therefore customize the external and internal inspections and the CBM to the actual use and status of each selected machinery item.
Once the CBM strategy has been decided, we can assist the owner in CBM implementation with measurements to be taken and recorded by the crew on board, by the shore staff or by external resources.
Furthermore, it must become a part of the Planned Maintenance manual, by reporting the items under CBM, measurements and tools, acceptability criteria and additional actions in terms of inspections, test and dismantling.


We offer our know-how to help owners implement the most appropriate CBM strategies, and we have additional class notations to condition-monitored vessels: propulsion systems, heating ventilation and air conditioning, cargo system, electrical switchboards, and fire detection system.

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