Competence management system

Demonstrate that the fleet can count on a competent crew

Certification of the competence management system confirms that the process for hiring, periodic evaluation and training of staff has been implemented correctly and complies with company goals.New ship design, construction and operation undergo constant development, in order to cope with the increasingly strict demands of regulations, customers and the market. Installing new equipment, or even updating software, can lead to the need of developing new competences for the staff.In view of the large number of people involved in operating and managing ships, ongoing improvement of competences helps in cutting down the risk of accidents, delays or ship down time, as well as negative publicity for the company.

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Certification of the competence management system allows companies to guarantee that:

  • staff competences are identified and continuously improved
  • the fleet can rely on a competent crew supported by qualified staff ashore
  • gaps are constantly evaluated, so that training plans take them into account
  • regulations and specific customer requests are always complied with.


The competence management system certification process involves the following steps:

  • compilation of the informative questionnaire
  • dispatch of the offer and stipulation of the contract
  • auditing, divided into two stages: ashore and onboard,
  • Issuance of the certificate

The certificate is confirmed by an annual audit (both ashore and onboard) and by a renewal audit every three years.


RINA is one of the few classification societies to have developed a standard for certifying the competence management system.


Which companies can be certified?
All shipping companies, ship management companies and companies involved in choosing and managing ship staff.

Can the competence management system be integrated into other management systems already implemented in the company?
Yes, the system can be integrated into other existing management system such as SMS, quality, environment and safety systems, etc.

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