CAP: Condition assessment programme

A documentary evidence of the ship's structure

Recognized by the most important oil majors and vetting companies, RINA’s CAP represents a documentary evidence of the ship’s structure, machinery and plants conditions for third parties involved in the vessel’s operation.

Service details

For oil tankers, CAP procedure is kept continuously updated to respond to the industry needs, and sided by those relevant to other ship types.
For bulk carriers, CAP is recognised by RIGHTSHIP as an efficient tool to assess the adequacy of older ships.
CAP specific criteria are developed also for specialised ship types, such as LNG carriers and cable laying ships.


After owner’s request, we elaborate specific indications for each ship and share them with all the interested parties, in order to plan a common course of action. Our final report, stating the ship ratings (those for each individual items and the total one), is issued to the owner.

Requested documents:

  • Drawings showing the as-built scantlings, including at the least: general arrangement plan, capacity plan, midship section, shell expansion, construction, profile plan, transverse and longitudinal bulkheads, fore peak/aft peak structure
  • Approved maximum still water bending moments;
  • History of steel renewal and last UTM reports.


We have a dedicated team of expert people for the technical assessment of each ship and surveys on board. We use modern software tools for the technical assessment, as well as for the preparation of the report, to ensure uniformity of analysis, judgement and reporting. We are recognised as CAP provider by the most important Oil Majors.


Marine Technical Services Marine

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