Materials and product testing

Improving asset safety and reliability with our in-house testing expertise and facilities for electrical, materials, fuel and water pipe testing

With many years’ experience of product and materials testing and HV power cable engineering, our world-renowned engineers provide unbiased consultancy and testing services that you can trust. 

Service details

Electrical Testing
RINA offers a comprehensive and independent medium power testing service that provides confidence that electrical protection devices conform to appropriate standards. In addition, where problems in conformance are identified, expert advice is available with any necessary design modifications. 

Materials Testing
Our laboratories offer an extensive range of in-house materials testing techniques to determine mechanical, electrical, thermal, analytical and environmental properties.

Fuel Pipe Testing
Plastic pipe systems used for conveying fuel and fuel vapours have to maintain integrity and low permeation rates to prevent loss of fuel and contamination of the environment. For over 20 years we have been the worldwide testing and approval body for plastic petrol pipes used in a range of different fuel applications to BS EN 14125 and Institute of Petroleum (IP2) specifications.

To achieve approval to these standards mechanical, low and high temperature, fuel contact, weathering, electrical and pressure tests are carried on a manufacturer’s range of pipe and fittings. Our in-house test laboratory is accredited to UKAS which further assures the end user that the products tested meet the required standards.

In addition to standards testing wecan offer bespoke plastic pipe test programmes to the Client’s specific requirements.

Water Pipe Testing
Increasingly worldwide plastic water pipes and fittings are installed in contaminated land. The products used in such applications must act as a barrier to prevent contamination permeating through the pipe wall, or via fittings and into the water supply.

To meet this requirement we carry out permeation testing on water pipes and fittings to WIS 4-32-19 at our in-house intrinsically safe fuel test facility in the UK. At the end of a soak period in the fuel environment water is extracted from the pipes using specially developed non-tainting sampling techniques to prevent false contamination.

The extracted water then goes through odour, flavour and analytical testing to determine contamination levels, if any. Our rigorous methodology gives the manufacturer and user full confidence in the test results.


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