Maintenance Engineering Services

A systematic approach to improve overall safety, availability and economy of operation

Maintenance Engineering ensures a systematic approach for establishing a maintenance program which will efficiently and effectively allow the achievement of the required safety and availability levels of equipment and structures. Therefore, a maintenance engineering detailed study helps to get improved overall safety, availability and economy of operation.

Maintenance Engineering is useful and should be implemented from the very beginning stage of a Project (FEED or detailed engineering) up to the operational phase. This means that Maintenance Engineering services can be offered both to the EPC Contractors (Design Phase) and to the Oil Companies that will operate the Plant.



Our Department is composed by an integrated team with different competences (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Spare Parts, Maintenance, Process and Reliability) in order to cover all the aspects relevant to the O&G Maintenance Engineering. This gave us the opportunity to collaborate with the major Oil Companies and EPC Contractors.

Angelo Bossi Senior Director Oil & Gas Services for Production

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