BRC Global Standards for consumer products

The Global Standard for Consumer Products is designed for global specifiers, retailers and manufacturers of non-food raw materials and finished products. Since this is a very broad sector, the Standard consists of two parts, covering General Merchandise, and Personal Care and Household. In addition, sites can be certificated at either Foundation Level or Higher level. The resulting flexibility enables sites to choose the right category, as well as providing a clear pathway for continuous development.

Adoption of the programme leads to a number of benefits to businesses:

The BRC Consumer Products Standars (Personal Care and Household and General merchandise) covers formulated and fabricated products which typically have higher hygiene requirements due to the nature and usage of products or a wide range of mainly fabricated products where management of the production process to ensure the safety and quality of the products is the primary concern.


The Consumer Products Scheme is divided into two separate Standards: General Merchandise and Personal Care and Household. Each of the Standards can be certificated at either Foundation level or at Higher level. This enables both flexibility to reflect customers' needs depending on the product sector and product/brand risk and provides a clear pathway for continuous development.

The Standards have been developed by groups of industry experts to ensure they are rigorous and detailed but clearly focused on the key issues to produce safe, legal products in accordance with customer quality requirements. The Standards provide a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality, and the operational controls for these criteria.


We have a long time experience in BRC Standards with a global team of competent and expert auditors.


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